Mxr M68 Uni-vibe Chorus/vibrato


This is a MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato in very good to excellent condition. I purchased it new in March 2017. Velcro strips were attached to the bottom. They have been removed. I have used it a couple times in my home. The original box and manual are included. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!More information from the MXR website..The MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato delivers classic textures and tones with a smaller footprint, a simple three-knob interface, and true bypass switching.The MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato delivers the same lush, chewy textures that players have used since the late ’60s. Updated with modern gigging players in mind, this effect now it comes in a standard MXR housing-a fraction of the size and weight of the original-with true bypass switching.With its simple three-knob interface, you can dial in the effect to your taste in short order. First, use the VIBE switch to select either Chorus Mode-dry signal mixed with pitch-shifted signal-or Vibrato Mode-only pitch-shifted signal. Then, use the LEVEL control to set the effect volume, the SPEED control to set the sweep rate, and the DEPTH control to set overall intensity.Put the MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato on your board and expand your tonal palette.

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Little Bear Bs1 Bass Fuzz Fat Guitar Pedal Stomp Box Effector Effect

Little bear BS1 Mammoth Wooly Bass fuzz  guitar pedal Stomp Box effector USQuick Guide: This effects pedal is designed for bass .But you also can use it for guitar, then you’ll get some fun sound effect,^_^, The sound is a huge, strong distortion, fat fuzz and a signal booster too. The BS1 is ideal for metal & rock!The pedal supports DC in and also 9V battery. When you plug a DC power supply, the unit will automatically be powered by the DC supply. If the power supply is removed, the pedal will automatically change the power source to the 9V battery. When you plug in a 6.35mm jack, the pedal will turn ON and when the jack is removed the pedal will turn OFF. The pedal also has a true bypass foot switch.As you can see from the pictures, a very fun part of this pedal is when the mammoth’s eyes light up from the LED’s as the pedal switch is activated 🙂 It looks awesome, I hope you will enjoy my design. Description:Material: metal caseWeight: 420g With True Bypass function.Work voltage: supports wide-range voltage DC:9~12V, 200ma, you can connect it to any guitar PSU.Two way power support: 9V Battery or DC in.Package included:1 x Bass pedalAbout shipment time:If you are US buyer,we will ship item to you by USPS express.6-10 days arrval ,about GB,AU can choice   USPS model too.but ship fee is need add some money.see your Ebay order.or like other country buyer.this item will ship to you by normal Singapore register mail,with tracking number,it’s safe.usually 2-4 weeks arrival

Maybe you also need follow it to view more: G1 ( 12AX7B ) 6N4 GUITAR TUBE VALVE OVERDRIVE BOOSTER GAIN EFFECTOR PedalG2 tube 12AU7 warm sound valve effector Booster Overdrive guitar pedal USRAT Guitar Bass Distortion Effector effect StompBox Pedal LM308AN11 ways Guitar Effect effector Pedal Power Supply converter Distributi?on ADAPTERLittle bear NOISE GATE clean up effector pedal for electric guitar true bypassG1-Pro 6N4 GUITAR TUBE VALVE OVERDRIVE BOOSTER Drive turebypass function PedalLittle bear BS1 Mammoth Wooly Bass fuzz Fat guitar pedal Stomp Box effects USLittle Bear E3 Guitar Bass headphone amplifier Speaker Simulator pedal box USLITTLE BEAR E1 Mini Guitar Bass Speaker Simulator Guitar Effect Pedal Board KitLITTLE BEAR E2 Mini Guitar Bass pedal effect headphone amplifier amp board US

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Wampler Low Blow Used Bass Guitar Pedal

Wampler Low Blue Used Bass Guitar Pedal

The first Wampler overdrive and distortion pedal designed exclusively for bass guitar.Some of the most consistently asked questions to Wampler Pedals is “Will this pedal work on bass?” or “Have you got a bass overdrive?”. So, several years ago Brian Wampler started on tweaking a bass circuit, it’s been out to more players than we can remember, with each one making a suggestion about how it can be improved. After this, they all started saying “That’s it, it’s perfect”. That was the point Brian started to really refine it. Working with Wampler engineer (and bass player) Jake Steffes, Brian tuned the gain stages to perfection and the Low Blow was born.Each of the 2 clipping modes – Smooth and Jagged – react just the way you would expect them too. Smooth giving you more of an overdrive with the jagged being more distorted. The addition of a 3 band EQ (Bass, Mids, and Treble) allows a player to have more tonal control no matter what the gig calls for.With the the Notch Filter switch, you can help tighten/clean up common cabinet “woof” without having to turn down. The Low Blow also features Wampler’s standard top mounted jacks and our soft click electrical relay true by-pass switch.Finally, with the help of a bass player – Wampler created a bass pedal for bass players.

 _gsrx_vers_634 (GS 6.9.8 (634))

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