Dunlop Mxr Blowtorch M181, Used

This item has some sort of staining going on on the front panel, which appears to have reacted with the bare metal. It also is missing one if its rubber feet. Other than that, it’s in great shape with the original stickers still on the top and both battery covers. Please contact me first if you’re not in the US and are interested. Ships out on Monday.

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Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer Bass Guitar Synth Effects Pedal – No Psu

First off, the power supply unit (PSU) is not included.

As much as I would love to keep this thing, I truely do not use it enough to justify owning this bass synthesizer & here in the past recent months of the year 2017, I have been learning how to produce synthesized tones through different means.

But if you’ve thought about dabbling in the world of synth, or just want to spruce up your bass guitar pedal arsenal, this would be a very nice way to go about doing so.

Currently, there is an internal gain trim pot that is accessible from removing the bottom plate of the pedal and is currently located near the input jack, as shown in the photos contained in this listing. As of right now, the setting accommodates bass guitars that are fitted with split-coil or single coil, low gain pick-ups.
If you use a bass guitar with humbuckers or anything that would be considered a high gain pickup, you will need to do some adjusting to the internal gain trim pot, otherwise you will make life hard on yourself.

For whatever reason, I always felt the need to keep this pedal in a sealed plastic bag after use. I really don’t understand it either, but this was the only pedal I did this with. By doing so, thankfully, it has kept the circuitry in excellent shape!

Any other questions you might have, feel free to leave a message.

Packaging is not a joke to me, therefore your micro synth will be safe and secure in the box I chose to ship the pedal in. Due to the faders ontop of the pedal, I will probably still have the pedal inside of a bag of some sort, with plenty of secure bubblewrap since I still have plenty of bubblewrap left over from a recent guitar purchase.

If you are overseas, please be aware that I will more than likely be charged way more than what the post office will tell the both of us – it literally happens to me every time. The last time I shipped a footswitch for a fender amp to the UK, shipping alone ended up costing more than the footswitch itself. I do not control the matter, but I will gladly help pay 1/3 of the shipping costs in the event this pedal ends up going overseas.

Thanks for Reading. Happy Bidding! PayPal Preferred.

P.S. – The sweet leopard print pillowcase is not included.

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Line 6 Bass Pod

Will ship in original box……Works 100% and was meticulously cared for…… it will feel like new………Local pick up is welcome if you live in Los Angeles otherwise it will ship the next business day …..Thanks

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Boss Bass Synthesizer Pedal Syb-3

This is a Boss Bass Synth SYB-3 pedal. This doesn’t work… turns on but I can’t get any sound out of it. I know that it did before and nothing really happened to it so it could be an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing (which I don’t!). When it did work it was amazing!  Amazing tone, and it could make some really wild sounds.  Low reserve, happy bidding! 

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